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Listening to Truth

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

In my writing, I aim to speak truth. Truth being defined as: the way the Universe is. It is my assessment that the greater one is in alignment with truth, the greater peace and contentment they will experience. It is my hope that my writing supports you in experiencing greater peace and contentment in your life.

What is truth? How does one speak to truth? Truth is infinite. Synonyms for infinite include mind-boggling and undefined. Language defines. Language speaks to that which is tangible, that which can be understood and grasped. Truth is not so easily grasped. True statements that I can make:

It is what it is.

This too shall pass.

There is great wisdom and truth to these statements and yet the words themselves hardly encapsulate the deeper meaning. The words themselves are but doors that invite your consciousness into an exploration of the meaning of them. The exploration of your consciousness is only limited by you and the meaning your mind gives to the words you see.

If you see those words as familiar with a familiar meaning that is known and understood to you, you will enter through a door that has a familiar depth and an exploration into a limited space that has already been explored by you. If you see these words as new, full of potential meaning far beyond anything you have ever considered before, you will enter a door that leads you on a fantastic journey to uncharted territory where the limits are only as far as you are willing to go.

You see, the truth is right there in front of us. It has been right there in front of us this whole time. It could not not be there. Our ability to tune into it, to perceive it, is all that has limited our ability to experience it, to know it. We are the ones who ascribe meaning to what we experience. And it is the meaning that we give to something that often gets in the way of us seeing it for what it really is.

Much of the meaning we have ascribed to our experience has been taught to us by family, teachers, society, etc. We as a human collective have decided that the things we are aware of mean the meaning we give to it. We are not all in agreement. Different cultures, traditions, religions, ideologies, might infer a different meaning from the very same thing. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

The truth is everyone and no one. If two people look at a coin from opposite sides, one sees heads and one sees tails. As they look at the same object they will describe what they see. One sees a head, a year, and some phrases etched into it. The other sees a symbol and different phrases. The two might begin to argue, each being sure of the truth of what they see and cannot understand how the other believes something so completely different. Meanwhile, a third party on the side seeing the very edge of the coin is thoroughly confused about what these two are arguing about.

Each of us is a witness to but a portion of a greater truth. We are like the blind men and the elephant. We sense what we can sense, we perceive what we can perceive, we are aware of what we are aware of, and with that limited information, we draw conclusions about what that means. It is the discrepancy between what actually is and what we believe it to be, or think it should be, that creates our experience of dissatisfaction, disappointment and suffering.

As we move into times of increasingly rapid change and uncertainty, we become increasingly more aware that things are not necessarily the way we thought they were. This can create a great deal of anxiety and panic as so much of our sense of stability has been built on this illusion of certainty. However, it is also a great gift to discover our worst suspicions about life are not definitively true either.

The truth is you can never wrap up the truth, the way of the Universe, into a neat, finite, easily defined package. There is always more to it than you can conceive.

As an individual, the best we can do is get quiet and listen to what is actually there. Tune into what you are experiencing in your physical reality, the sensations in your body, in the present moment. Feel time flowing through you. Your thoughts, your mind, will seek to ascribe meaning and certainty to what you experience. Things are not what they seem. Instead of deciding you already know, listen with curiosity. Consider and explore new possibilities and new depths that you have yet to experience.

This is how one can tune into and align to the truth, directly, all by themselves. Even though it cannot be easily packaged as finite, determined or defined, you can know the truth as a feeling. It has a resonance to it that is unmistakable. Sometimes you know something to be true and you have no reason why or how you know it. You just do. That’s the feeling. Resonance.

Whatever this is that we are experiencing, life, the Universe, we are catching only a glimpse of it. The truth is we are it and it is us. Each individual is a component of this greater truth. None of us knows it all. Each of us has a unique and irreplaceable perspective of the bigger picture. Through unity and cooperation we can piece together a better sense of the whole. With love and compassion we can support each other through this time of transition and great uncertainty. We are in this together.

So much love!

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