Sat on the Rocks


Deep down inside, we all have dreams. Dreams of a life that we are longing to live. At these depths, we get in touch with who we truly are and who we most want to be. For a great number of reasons, each of us has faced challenges that have hindered our ability to be our authentic selves, our natural selves as we live our lives. We might feel that the external world has specific expectations and our well-being is dependent upon fitting in to some extent. We can lose sight of our deepest aspirations as we deal with the ‘bullshit’ of life.

I know I have felt this way. Maybe you can relate. To me, it is the greatest travesty that so many of us live our lives without getting the chance to explore who we truly are and what we truly want. I chose to find my own way, to live life on my terms and share with others tools that would support them to do the same. A world where people live true to themselves is the world I want to live in. It is truly my pleasure to witness people come alive as they express their true selves. 

My purpose here is to create time and space for people to reunite with their inner passion. The intention is to give dreams the space to grow and healthily and sustainably manage anything that gets in the way. Let us rediscover our inner power to live the life we want to live together.

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My Story

​It is my hope that this section portrays me as ordinary rather than extraordinary. The only reason I share my story is for your benefit. May you relate to this story, recognize your own parallels, and realize the same potential for yourself.

Like everyone else, I have been through shit in my life. I’ve suffered from depression. I’ve been dumped, and it hurt bad. I’ve had significant physical injuries that I’ve had to overcome. I’ve lost my job. I’ve coped with significant social anxiety, feeling as though I don’t fit in with society. I have faced and continue to face these things. And like everyone else, I have a desire to live a life of joy, to be free and to feel at peace with myself. I long to live a deeply satisfying life.

I have had difficulty finding my way to that lifestyle in this world. For a long time, I felt stuck and stagnant. I felt like I had no choice but to go on living a lifestyle that I would not have chosen. I was told: “that’s the way it is and there is nothing I can do about it.” That drove me crazy. I hated the feeling of being powerless when it came to living my own life.

Fortunately for me, life threw me a bone. I came across an idea that lit me up. The idea was that inside every person lived infinite potential. Looking at it from a scientific, spiritual, or esoteric lens didn’t matter. It all pointed to the fact that a human being could create anything they set their mind to. My life changed forever. I was filled with new hope, new energy, new potential, and new determination. Over the years, my life began to transform. My understanding of myself and what was possible for my life began to expand. I found a life trajectory of increasing satisfaction, deeper peace, and greater joy within myself.

Naturally, I wanted to share what I found with others. I wanted to shout from the rooftops and shake people to tell them: “hey, look at this new thing I’ve found.” But, people generally thought I was a crazy person that was shouting from rooftops and shaking people. I had to find a way to share what I found with others in a way they would receive. I wanted to give others this wonderful gift that I had been given. I sought out and learned effective ways to guide another person to their own unique path to the infinite potential within them. Now I offer the skills and experience from which I have benefited to all those who are interested. No need to shake people anymore. I only reflect back to them the extraordinary beauty that has been living inside them all along.