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Enjoying the View

Vision and Mission

I see a world of Infinite Potential grounded in Truth where we embody perpetually deeper Love as a natural way of being.

Here, we come together to better know ourselves. In group classes and 1-on-1 focus sessions, we explore what lies within us and discover greater potentials to experience fulfillment.

Alex in Nature

My Story

Sitting at my office desk in the dull and grey New York City office building, I felt a certainty that I did not want to be where I was, doing what I was doing. I had come to this place following the voices I heard my whole life telling me how to “make it in life.” I had thought hard about what opportunities were available to me within that framework and chose what seemed like the best option. 

For me, being a Mechanical Engineer working for a Renewable Energy company was a relatively pleasant option, but it wasn’t satisfying. I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live; I was doing my best to fit into a life I didn’t want to live. 

I wanted my work to make a tangible and profound difference in the quality of life of humanity, and I wanted my income to reflect the value I was creating. I wanted the freedom to pursue my passions and joys as a central focus of my life. I wanted to live within a collective that actually cared for, nurtured and supported each other, where we could exist in harmony and enjoy living together. I wanted this for myself, for my family, for my friends, for everyone. I wanted this life for my future kids. 

Whenever I spoke of such dreams, others agreed that they sounded nice, but people generally dismissed them as “utopian” and therefore “impossible.” I was continuously encouraged to be more “practical” and adapt to the “real world” that I was living in, a world that was rife with violence, destruction, things to fear, people to hate, and so on. I was told that all of these challenges were beyond my ability to change, that they were an insurmountable obstacle to my dreams, and that I should give up dreaming and just do my best to find some amount of joy in my life. 

To me, however, it did not seem impossible. It seemed natural. It seemed to me like the kind of life that almost everyone wanted to live. Furthermore, the way we appeared to be headed was an unsustainable path leading to our own destruction. I believed that inevitably, something would have to give. That we could not go on as we were, that we would have to make changes to how we lived, and we might as well change to living a life that we wanted to live. All we had to do was make the choice to get to work. 

Interestingly enough, as this realization was crystalizing within my being, I was suddenly and surprisingly let go from my job. I had a blank slate from which to build a new direction in life. Every aspect of my conditioned human sense of the world told me to continue my life as it was and to find another engineering job. However, I had a deep, subtle feeling persistently telling me to go for gold, and that this was my opportunity to create the life I wanted to live. 

I went for it. 

At this point, I had been studying Tai Chi for 2 years. I was already deeply committed to my spiritual and internal development. I chose to maximize my time spent doing inner work, working more diligently and passionately than I ever had for anything before. I understood that my internal state is what drives the impact I am having on my external world. I knew that in order to have the impact I wanted to have, I had to do massive internal work to refine, clarify and balance myself so that I could truly walk my talk and fully embody that which I hoped to create. 

Beyond that, I didn’t have much of a plan. I was in completely uncharted territory for me and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I vaguely understood that there were professions in the health and wellness field, various kinds of coaches, etc. I didn’t know anything about that field or even running a business. Almost everyone I had ever known had a 9-5 corporate job, so I struggled with little to no guidance or role models. However, I had one friend whose mother was a Health Coach. She was the one crack of light in a dark tunnel. It felt in alignment with my mission, so I took my first step forward by becoming a certified Health Coach. 

These choices set the tone for my new way of life. Prioritizing internal work, I resolved and cleared distortions and blockages that were limiting my ability to experience and create that which called to me. I followed the opportunities that aligned with my journey as they presented themselves to me. I studied Reiki. I did various trainings and development programs. I volunteered at homeless shelters, libraries and schools. I found clients and work when and where I could.

I made very little money. I lived with my parents and off of savings. I fell out of sync with many of the people in my life. Generally, people didn’t understand my life choices or what I was working to create. I felt isolated and separate from people that I cared deeply about. I even experienced the devastating loss of a beautiful and supportive romantic relationship. 

Throughout, I was nagged by doubting and discouraging thoughts: Am I crazy? What am I doing with my life? Will this ever actually work? With minimal external validation, all I had to go on was a burning fire in my heart that knew with great certainty that I was on the right track, that everything I faced would be more than worth it, and my life would become so beautiful that I would treasure it forever. 

I have come to realize that my heart was very right. Presently, I am living a life that is far greater than I could have “realistically” imagined was possible before, and I know with a certainty: I am truly only getting started. The internal and external freedom that I experience is only expanding. The love and connection I feel with the people in my life is only deepening. The joy and satisfaction that my service creates is only multiplying. 

From where I sit, the life I have longed to live is manifesting before my eyes. It is my great pleasure to share the fruits of my journey with anyone and everyone, and I am grateful for all that I receive from the wonderful people I cross paths with. As each of us drops into a more satisfying and fulfilling life, I sink deeper and deeper into the world I have always dreamed of living in. 

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