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  • Alex Stokes

Balance is Natural

The Universe is always seeking equilibrium. Our understanding of the Laws of Physics confirms this. If you put a warm glass in a cold room, or vice versa, the temperature will naturally even out. Areas of higher pressure will always flow to areas of low pressure. Ecosystems will naturally find a balance where all species live in a mutually beneficial harmony.

For whatever reason, we as humans tend to forget that we are part of Nature too. The Laws of Physics work just as well in our realm and in our bodies as they do everywhere else in the Universe. Our bodies naturally maintain homeostasis, a complex and delicate balance of all the vital functions of your body, without our conscious participation. If you have a cut, your skin will naturally heal. You can set up conditions to support your body in healing itself, but you do not need to make it happen. Your body will naturally move towards well-being.

If we allow ourselves to accept these simple truths as part of our belief system, it can be quite liberating. We can let go of a lot of the pressure we put on our conscious minds to control everything, to make everything happen. We are invited to consciously relinquish control and to trust the Natural flow of life to lead us to greater harmony and peace.

If we choose to resist, we will find ourselves fighting an uphill and losing battle. We will find ourselves swimming against the current of the same force of Nature which creates galaxies. Doing so will only dissipate our energies, make us tense, weak, and exhausted as we gain little ground. When it comes to the way of Nature, resistance is futile.

The natural way of being is one of balance, center and calm. The most effective way to get rough water to be still is to let it be. If you attempt to do something to make it smooth, you will only agitate it further. Our bodies are mostly water. Allow yourself to be and know that you will naturally find peace and calm.

Sometimes, the surrounding conditions can cause water to be rough and disturbed, like in a raging river. But the water knows that this too shall pass. It goes with the flow and allows the forces of nature, gravity, to carry it forward without effort.

The more we can trust our True Nature, the more peace and ease we will find in our lives. The more we feel the need to control, to make things happen the way we think they need to happen, the more agitation and disharmony we will experience.

Consider your response to these options. Down one road: peace, ease, joy, love, freedom. Down the other: tension, strain, fear, agitation, oppression. Which way do you find yourself being naturally drawn? Trust in your True Nature. Allow yourself to be the way you truly are and you will begin to find yourself being the way you always wanted to be.

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