Bridge Over River

Awareness Coaching

If the goal of life coaching is to enhance our life experience, then our awareness is an essential place to focus. Firstly, our awareness determines our experience. What we are aware of is what we experience. The nature of our awareness, how we perceive our reality, affects how feel about our lives and how we act. Both strongly impact the course of our lives. Secondly, we always have the ability to direct our awareness. Unfortunately for all the boring teachers we ever had, we get to choose what we pay attention to. Together, these two points make a powerful combination. If our awareness defines our reality and we have the ability to direct our awareness, then we can more effectively influence our reality by learning to effectively influence our awareness. 


Awareness Coaching aims to shine a light on our awareness itself, the lens through which we perceive our reality. It intends to expand our understanding of who we are and the dynamics of our lives. What do we truly want for our lives? What is getting in our way of living it? We develop a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with who we are. We begin to view our reality in a new light, shifting our experience of it and empowering us to engage with it in a more beneficial way.

Private sessions are available upon request.


Internal Arts of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Taoist Meditation

Ancient Chinese culture had a way of talking about the infinite mystery of life. They referred to it as the Tao, or the Way of Nature. It wasn’t something that could be concretely grasped intellectually. It was beyond comprehension. It just was the way it was. Despite the mystery, they were able to develop ways of working with it, engaging with it to understand it better, to be in harmony with it, and to be one with it. These practices were the Internal Arts. Over thousands of years, they pragmatically cultivated techniques that developed a human’s ability to experience the way of Nature more deeply in their mind, body and being.

Today these arts continue to be practiced all over the world, promoting greater health and vitality in people of all ages. With time, a practitioner begins to develop greater strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, focus, relaxation and comfort in their bodies and lives. These are symptoms of being in greater alignment with the Tao.

Private introductory sessions are available upon request.