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Awaken to a New You

Embody Your True Nature

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Awareness Coaching

1-on-1 coaching to appreciate the beautiful tapestry that is you, creating awareness around who you truly are, what you truly want and the true nature of what obstructs your path.

Internal Arts

Benefit from the wisdom of thousands of years of thorough inner exploration through the practice of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Taoist Meditation.


Relational Meditation

Bring the realm of inner awareness into the realm of human interaction to foster deeper connection and authenticity in relationships. 


I cherished each moment I spent 1-on-1 with Alex. After working together, I feel a deeper felt sense of inner trust of myself. A deeper knowing of myself. A deeper level of acceptance of myself. And, a deeper level of loving all parts of me. Working with Alex, is saying welcome to a better life.



Stress Less Show
with Carlee Meyers

A 10 minute interview about how the approach of Taoist meditation can help to reduce stress. 

Listen on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook

Reduce Stress with Taoist Practices
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